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Media enjoys more freedom in Jordan than in neighboring countries- British Ambassador


Jordanian press enjoys more freedom than in surrounding countries, British Ambassador to Jordan, Edward Oakden, said stressing that media is essential to safeguarding democracy and a cornerstone of a free society.

The envoy’s remarks came at a reception held at his residence in Amman, for a number of journalists and media organizations, to expand and raise media and cultural cooperation between Jordan and the United Kingdom.

“We recognize that, at the moment, that journalism is a profession increasingly under attack. if you look globally, journalists are increasingly under pressure from illiberal and intolerant regimes which have no wish to have a light shone on their activities,” Oakden said.

” 2018 was the worst year on record for violence and abuse against journalists, where at least 99 journalists were killed, a further 348 imprisoned and 60 held hostage worldwide, he said, adding that this increase in attacks on journalists has extended across all categories including murder, imprisonment, hostage-taking, enforced disappearance.”

Today, only 13% of the world’s population enjoys a free press. A recent poll in 131 countries suggested a general perception of declining media freedom and a declining public trust in news reported across most regions. I suspect that applies in Jordan too,” he added further .

Talks during the reception also tackled remarks and suggestions on most effective ways to promote and safeguard freedom of expression, and open channels of communication and cooperation with relevant stakeholders (locally and internationally) to enhance their role in boosting and protecting freedom of press.


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